Monday, May 14, 2007


How to get a headache:
Think about thinking


Philosopher's have pondered on the nature of all possible phenomena of the universe ever since anybody could do philosophy. But one might ask, what is philosophy itself? Philosopher's have pondered this as well - even people who hate philosophy have done it (one of the more frequent conclusions are usually "philosophy is just bullshit"). Since people seem to agree, I think we should invent a special branch of philosophy for this very purpose. I propose the following name:

Philosophology noun
the study of the nature and meaning of philosophy and it's philosophers: moral philosophology (what is moral philosophy?) · the philosophology of science (is science just philosophy?) · a scholar of philosophology (am I a philosopher?)
a particular set or system of beliefs resulting from the search for knowledge about philosophy and it's philosophers: the philosophology of Feynman (who hated philosophy)
a set of beliefs or an attitude to philosophy and it's philosophers that guides somebodies behaviour: Her philosophology is to scream "blahblahblah" until the philosopher stops speaking.

I consider it important to think about the world in various ways, or simply having different approaches and methods to understanding problems. No problem can be solved or understood in only one way, therefore we invent a number of sub-thinking disciplines to attack the problem with (I assume that it is impossible to understand something without thinking - therefore every discipline in human thought is a subdivision of thinking in general).

Though, in the light of this, I'm tempted to ask: why is it even important to ponder on the question "what is philosophy"? What do we benefit from defining this obscurely broad method of inquiry?

I don't have the answer, and I doubt there is an interesting answer for it too. If there is, or if anybody just considers the question important ("what is philosophy?"), we should actually invent another branch of philosophy: Philosopholosphy (the study of philosophology).

This is getting me a head ache. I should stop.


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